Thursday, September 13, 2007

Firefox Blocked!

enough said, my company is blocking the firefox... it sucks. Now I have to rely on IE7. I guess I have to make the best of it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Forsa 1022N: OS Installation & Peripherals - Linux

There are 2 Flavors of Linux which I already install in this machine:
  1. The Easy One: Linux Mint 3.0 (Cassandra)
  2. The Classic One: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)
With The Easy One I've manage to have almost every peripherals detected but Hardware Information applet from Control Center refuses to work. Actually, right after installed there is a component need to be updated (Hardware Abstraction Layer / hal). But as I have the DVD repository, I decided to skip that update and directly goes to the DVD which unfortunately doesn't include that update :(
The main thing is I cannot have the modem set up so I cannot connect to the net. List that do not work:
  1. Modem
  2. Beryl (Found that the renderer should be forced to nvidia on Feisty Fawn installed system)
  3. All network connection is not tested
Nice thing with Mint is proprietary/restricted components are installed out-of-box e.g DVD/VCD playback, Flash & Java.
As everything works I decided to remove the Easy One and went to the Classic One for more enlighment :)

With The Classic One goes the same song but we must install all
restricted & proprietary component. But with Feisty I've managed to set the
modem 'detectable' (as Alsa modem) but cannot dial out yet. (to be continued...)

Forsa 1022N: Overall build

The looks is standard (I will post the picture as soon as I know how-to :P). Based on
  • MSI 1022 Whitebook (notebook barebone) system
  • Pentium M 1.6Ghz, (CPU Part of Centrino)
  • Nvidia 6200 Go Turbo Cache 128, it's a DirectX 9/OpenGL 2 capable machine (later on application),
  • Connectivity: 3 USB Ports, Firewire port, PC-Card slot, PCI-Xpress Card slot, VGA D-Sub, TV-Out, SD/MMC/MS Card Reader
  • Network: RJ11 Port (modem), RJ45 Port (wired network), Wifi Adapter
  • 13.3 WXGA (1280x800) LCD display
  • Storage: 80GB HDD, DVD-RW Multi
  • A Synaptic Touchpad with scroll
  • Got an wired optical mouse, a bag and an additional screen protector (I use the 'default' screen protector from the notebook) as a bonus
  • There are also bluetooth option but I did not purchase it.
I know, I know, there are many Core Duo or Core 2 Duo suite outhere which is also cheaper, but I am talking about graphic capable (read: gaming) 'desktop replacement' here so this is turn out to be the best deal for my budget currently. (Point me if you have other options though). Also I remind you that I use the AMD K6-2 3DNow before this for my computing needs :).
I got a good seller (Mr. Arif Sutanto, T-Store) from Gadtorade community. I got it for roughly Rp.5.5M and he sent it directly from Jogjakarta..
On First week I have trouble with the Power Cable (from outlet to adapter) resulting burnt & smokin cable. Although the distributor ( has offer me a new cable I decided to buy it myself in the near store, save me time & money, I got it for Rp.50K.
On 2nd to 3rd week I occasionally have 'fong' condition (hang is software stop responding, fong is for hardware wont power-up due to electricity problem - I guess it from battery and adapter combo) but now I never have it anymore. Usually when it happens I will disconect the battery and reconnect it again.
Heat is nearly not an issue although I feel my left palm is warm while typing. Air intake fan is on left bottom of the notebook and ended on the left side of the notebook (I would recommend not to put anything blocking the exhaust).
Another nice touch is the Glowing Forsa Logo from top of the lid, I know it from a friend watching the notebook from far sight (with rather envy look :)), I don't know whether the original whitebook have it.
That's it for the hardware, Next I will be talking about the OS installation, Linux and non-Linux ;).

My New PC Experience

My FORSA 1022N is up for 3 weeks. I've try to install it with LinuxMint (Cassandra) and Ubuntu (Feisty) and also tested it with Windows 2000 (Select Edition) from my company.
So far everything's Great! I will breakdown the review my experience into some smaller topics like Overall build, OS, peripherals & applications, stay tuned :P

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Upgrading My PC: Part 6 - Final

It's been a busy weeks, I decided to take the Forsa 1022N through Gadtorade community. Quite expensive due to Dollar exchange rate. Now waiting for the delivery (Saturday actually). Can't wait... I will post a review on it later, sigh... (impatient)

Reposted too...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Upgrading My PC: Part 5

I think I'll merge the topic Upgrading My PC & Eee-owner wannabee list for now on.
I ordered the desktop parts through Bhineka (by phone) and found that the motherboard is out of stock :(.
On the other side as Eee-owner wannabee, I found that Australian will have the EeePC on Mid-September. (Maybe because Asus have to cross-through Indonesia to deliver the PC, they will eventually would send us earlier...I wish)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Upgrading My PC: Part 4

As I plan to wait for Eee this wish-list is changing (again):
From Bhineka

AMD Sempron 3000+ (AM2)
US$. 38 Rp. 347700
MVM 1GB PC-5300
US$. 38 Rp. 347,700
US$. 77 Rp. 704,550
US$. 41 Rp. 375,150
US$. 35 Rp. 320,250

Eee-owner wannabee list (3)

Already 910 posts! I've posted info about $150 notebook that turnout to be a scam, duh... so sorry for all readers August is near, guess I have to postpone my notebook wish (see my previous post) and wait for Eee, maybe bought new desktop to replace the old one (call me plin-plan :)).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Upgrading My PC: Part 3

Return to Confusion State, Now with:
Forsa 1022N Pentium M 1.4GHz, 80GB, 512MB, Dedicated GF6200-128MB, 13.3" TFT, Wi-Fi, Mini PCI-X, s-video out
Ups: based on MSI 1022 whitebook, dedicated video, PCI-X, s-video out, 13.3", CHEAP
Down: local brand, no Jakarta seller with decent price (Jogja/Bandung), Online Buying only


Acer 5052 ANWXMi Turion 64 X2, 40GB, 512MB, Shared Radeon X1100, 14", WI-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam
Ups: Global Brand, Dual Core, good global warranty, Bluetooth, Webcam, Can buy everywhere
Down: Shared video, 14", RELATIVELY EXPENSIVE

Both of them have no OS, Feisty or Cassandra should fit perfectly

Eee-owner wannabee list (2)

Looking down to the long list of Asus Eee owner wannabee at makes me tickled to write my comment.
  • Firstly, Whoa... more than targeted order / 100 order (approx. 750 comment/order while I write this), will they pay actually? will Asus consider this as a real order? (Dear Harry Sufehmi, please, please update us, on the negotiations with Asus Indonesia or Taiwan maybe ;P)

  • Secondly there are many of the owner wannabees ask for different configuration from the standard (minimum config - US$199). How much they want to spend for the extra configuration? AFAIK options for bigger screen or storage makes the whopping US$500-600, will they lose their choice /chance to buy affordable PC portables? Screen & Storage(SSD/flash based harddrive) size are the main component that set the price of this kind of portables. Particulary that SSD which is the new trend, 16GB SSD still mind-blowingly high priced (US$245 anyone?). Yet there are person willing to order the 20GB version (over the standard 4GB) with 10" screen (bigger than standard 7") of Eee , imagine the price :D

  • Thirdly (this is the bad news), According to an ex-hardware-columnist (CMIIW for the translation) from Chip Magazine Indonesia (That already been meddling with one of Eee prototype), It's will be daydreaming to have the Asus Eee with the same price when it was announced, specially when it hit Indonesia (in time).
Oh well, cross your finger Guys, I'm still waiting for it!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Upgrading My PC: Part 2

After trying first hand on the notebooks on my list, I have come to one conclusion:
Acer 5052 ANWXMi is the most suitable one. pheww... now the money part :P

Monday, July 2, 2007

Been to FKI 2007

FKI 2007 is fun overall, since I haven't come to event like this long time ago (I say 5 years or so). I can browse anything without entering a shop door, just browse, touch and try. Try a few notebooks with Ubuntu and found that some "cheap" notebook is not capable running it (shame on HP/Compaq).
On the other hand, prices are much the same as Bhineka (online) or regular brochure, disappointing. Back to my notebook search, I found only Acer 5052 (which is on my list) and I kinda like it. Still I'm not sure I can purchase it this month :P.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eee-owner wannabee List

Herry Sufehmi have coordinated a pre-order list of Asus eee-owner wannabee is his blog
Surf-up here

update: Here's the review

Upgrading My PC

Now that I have enough saving to upgrade my PC, the choice is to pick a new laptop/notebook system or the conventional (more powerful with the same price) desktop system. Here's my choice:

US$. 47
LOGITECH Internet Pro Desktop Black
US$. 18
US$. 185
US$. 47
US$. 40
US$. 77
INNO3D GeForce 8500GT 256MB
US$. 93
Rp. 354,500
Rp. 171,000
UMAX Castor 512MB PC-5300
Rp. 185,000
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (AM2)
US$. 78

  • Notebooks Alternatives
  1. MSI 1022 whitebook system
  2. MSI S425 Rp6.399.000
  3. ECS G400, $595
  4. ECS G420
  5. Forsa 1022N, Rp5.700.000
  6. Acer 5052 ANWXMi $629

Trying ScribeFire

OK, here's my 1st post with ScribeFire, hope it's working...

update: It works, life couldn't be easier :)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Post - reintroduction

Wuuah, as far as I can remember, I already have blogger account (2 years ago :P) when my company decided to ban me from the internet. Well, consider this renumbered. I will be posting about myself, computer & gaming and some 'other' thing.