Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Reason to Move

Not Into Linux Yet? Gaming hold you back? Here's a reason to move to Linux,

Humble Indie Bundle 14
The Humble Indie Bundle is back with 7 cross-platform games available DRM-free and on Steam!

Oh, did I tell you before for other reasons? Here's a few other:
  • The OS is free
  • Relatively secure, virus-free compared to W*****s. You can read this for reference
  • You're tired of hard disk defrags,  antivirus updates, wait (ages) while OS updates, always need restarting for stabilty
  • Came with essential apps (internet, office), free
  • Games are staying strong (,,
  • Hunger for new challenges or fulfilling any curiosity on computing
  • or any of you can add more to the list?

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